Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Tracing Your Ancestors - Flyleaf Press Series

'Tracing Your Ancestors' is a series of books published by the Dublin publisher Flyleaf Press. They have guides for Clare, Cork, Donegal, Dublin, Galway, Limerick, Mayo and Roscommon. The latest two additions to this series are Tracing Your Sligo Ancestors by James G. Ryan and Tracing Your Westmeath Ancestors by Greta Connell and are both attractively produced with old style charcoal sketches on the cover by Eoin Ryan. Both are basically laid out in the same way as you would expect, working their way through chapters on the census, church records, land and estate records and other useful reference points such as newspapers and gravestone inscriptions.
Tracing Your Sligo Ancestors has a forward by the Sligo Heritage and Genealogy Society, a sure stamp of approval. Sligo, in the Province of Connacht, was the the principal emigration port in the 19th century. Common surnames in the county include Scanlon, (O')Healy, Brennan, Gallagher, (O')Hart, McDermot and Gilmartin. Tracing Your Westmeath Ancestors, Gretta Connell's book brings us to the Province of Leinster, often referred to as the 'Lake County', is a predominantly flat county with a rich agricultural tradition. Emigration and death in the famine reduced its population and in 2006 it was still only just over half what it had been in 1841. Gaelic names in the county include MacGeoghegan, O'Coffy, O'Daly, O'Higgins, O'Malone, O'Mulbrennan and O'Mullady.
The layout of the books is extremely straightforward with easy to follow examples. With the text helping you through the most relevant material and archives, some unique to the county being studied, these guides will be useful to anyone interested in finding out more about their own family or indeed any history project requiring primary source research.

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